Important things, really important things, will be on the foreground of your LSD experience, they will be enhanced by your brain and a desire to act on your realizations is given to you by amounts of dopamine and norepinephrine that are being released at the same time. People with few problems and worries will often use LSD recreationally, people with deep issues and problems will tend to use LSD therapeutically.

     The reason people have bad trips is because these important things manifest themselves and they are not willing to confront or face them. That is the very nature of a bad trip, running away from an overwhelming experience. When you take LSD you need to be aware of everything that CAN happen and be utterly ready to confront them, to surrender yourself to whatever LSD does to you. LSD doesn’t create anything, your brain does and LSD simply allows you to. What you feel and experience is not foreign, it is rather the opposite, it’s at the very core of your existence because LSD interacts with those parts of your brain that make up who you are, what you are, and what you think. So frightening/intense/strange experiences shouldn’t be frightening, they are like a window into the deepest and most important parts of your own mind and they need to be accepted and confronted.